What is animal physiotherapy?

Animals like people, can respond to physiotherapy – the purpose of which is to restore and maintain strength, mobility, function, independence, wellbeing and performance. It can be used to treat a number of problems from joint conditions, muscle strains, ligament and nerve injuries to rehabilitation pre and post-surgery. It can also be used to help address obesity, reduced fitness and age related issues such as osteoarthritis.

Animals often only display subtle signs of pain or discomfort such as stiffness or a change in behaviour or performance. They can also compensate for pain by altering the way in which they move, which can lead to muscle imbalances and dysfunction and ultimately in reduced function and performance. Every animal is an individual and a thorough assessment is required to tailor treatment specifically to its needs.

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Physiotherapy is an increasingly important adjunct to veterinary medicine following surgical intervention, injury, chronic pain and neuromuscular ailments. We can communicate with your vet, farrier, hydrotherapist, behaviourist and other team members to ensure the very best outcome for your animal.


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Are you worried about joint stiffness or decreased mobility? We can help by providing a home exercise programme to improve and maintain strength and flexibility, manual and electrotherapies to help relieve pain and information on simple lifestyle changes to enable you to help your dog thrive.

Are you unsure how to best help with post-operative recovery? We can assist by providing information about the healing process, optimising wound healing, encouraging normal healthy repair of tissue, minimising scar tissue and decreasing pain, passive joint stretches and mobilisations to improve range of movement and a graduated exercise programme to help prevent muscle atrophy and thereby maximising your animals wellbeing and return to normal function.

Are you frustrated with a recurring injury or performance problem that you don’t think is a training issue? Do you want to get your animal checked out to make sure they are not carrying any small issues that may potentially evolve into an injury later in the season? We can help by performing a thorough gait analysis and musculoskeletal assessment to try and identify any areas of pain or dysfunction which we can then address with specific treatments and a tailored home exercise programme to target specific muscle groups. Early detection of movement abnormalities, which may indicate an underlying orthopaedic or musculoskeletal problem, is important to prevent development or worsening of pain and a reduction in performance.

Do you consistently turn one foot out or collapse through one hip or shoulder when riding or do you always wear the inside of one boot or glove out first? Do you spend most of your lesson time trying to correct your position? Are you worried that you may be the weak link in your horse-rider combination? We can help by performing a rider assessment using a specific functional movement screen to identify any areas of weakness or asymmetry which we can then target with an individualised stretch and strengthening programme and work to help you achieve your goals.

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